Bounce not sample accurate, help

I am still learning Cubase, so hopefully this is pilot error, hopefully someone here has an idea.

I am running a test and when I put a simple snare hit on a midi track feeding groove agent, and the attempt to bounce it, several different ways, none of them are rendering the snare hit at the same sample location as the midi event.

I have tried using the export feature, the rendered audio is early.

I have tried bouncing through a group bus, and that rendered audio is late.

What is the trick to bounce a sample accurate audio rendering?

Second to that, my initial reason for this test was to test out the accuracy when chaining two midi tracks in a row in order to do VST midi processing. So basically instrument track #1 has midi plugin. Instrument track #2 is taking its midi input from the midi output of instrument track#1. So when I try to bounce that, the results are different then with just a single instrument track, the rendered audio is early.

Very confused here…nothing makes sense…how can I

1 - bounce midi to audio with sample accuracy, in the normal case…??


2 - Anyone know if sample accuracy will be lost in the case of chaining two midi tracks as described?