Bounce or render.

Hi everyone,

When I edit audio files (variaudio, warping etc) in the project editor, I bounce the track to basically “fix” the changes I have made.

When I have warped any audio, the bounced file mirrors my alterations.

When I have Variaudioed any audio, the bounced file doesn’t keep the changes.

Firstly, is that how it should be?

Secondly, if I rendered the tracks, would that be better?

I have a key command for bouncing, so all I do is highlight the tracks, press B, and job done. Could I set up rendering to perform the same way?

Lastly, once the tracks have been bounced, I remove the replaced files from the pool to save computer space, is that the correct procedure?

Thanks all,

Jim B


Do you Replace the events after the Bounce?

Yes, you can assign Key Command to the “Render (with Current Settings).”

Hi Martin,

Yes, when I bounce any audio I replace the parts.

I will look at the render settings, but another thing that occurs to me is that the audio is normally mono and when you render it becomes stereo??