Bounce (render in place) Button

The RIP is nice, thank you, but it would be awesome to have a “Bounce” button in each track lane. Or be able to add it to the right-click menu. Having to go to edit-render, is just a little bit faster than going to audio-export-render. I need a fast workflow and main menu drop downs are not the answer.
I want to be able to write closed hats from Stylus - Bounce, open hats - Bounce, snare - Bounce, Kicks - Bounce. I want it to be fast.
A macro for render in place would work I guess, but all I can find are the ones from 7.5 - for some reason I cannot get those to work.


There’re Key Commands you can set up: ‘Render with Current Settings’, and ‘Render Settings’

IMO this would not belong on the track header, since this is used to bounce down material from a variety of containers.

Is it possible to set the Bounce to be restricted to just the area within the locators? I don’t need the entire track bounced all the time. Usually just a couple bars that I want to trick out or something.

Split and select the event you want bounce. Bounce is for the selected events/parts.