Bounce-Replace File - File Destructive Bouncing

I mostly like that Steinberg creates a new file and auto-names it every time it is bounced, BUT, sometimes I want to retain the file name of the audio in the event/region and overwrite the file completely.

There’s a bunch of reasons for this. Sometimes, I don’t want parts/events to get track names when they are bounced (I believe this can be turned off, but it’s a nuisance to turn it on and off and forget whether it is on or off), for example I might have long descriptive file names but have shortened the track names to be more visible or even, the track names aren’t a precise indicator of what is on the track for example, the track might be called “Kick drums” but contain events with audio file names like “kick 1 - big” “kick 2 - tight” - if I add some fades to these and bounce them, I don’t want them to be renamed “Kick drums-01” and “Kick drums-02”

Sometimes I am utilizing -00 naming convention as a way of organizing the order of files, and don’t want to be altering their file names just to bounce 1ms fades or event specific gain adjustments, etc.

Just a feature with an assignable hotkey would resolve all of this - ‘Destructive Bounce Replacing Audio File’.

Steinberg could still come up with a protocol to have some sort of undo cache where it assigns a numbered ID or code to the replaced file with a new name so that It could be retrieved if the person wants to undo the destructive bounce.