Bounce selected audio events to specific disk location?

I have a vast number of relatively short audio events with simple edits (fades, crossfades - there are instances where I have consolidated several clips to single “part” event container).

Basically what I want to do is bounce all selected events out as individual new files to a specific folder on storage (away from my main project audio files repository), retaining the event names.
Using Audio → Bounce Selection only does half the job; it renders out a new file, but it lands in the project audio folder with the originals and I end up with -01.wav

How can I specify a different bounce location?

I am new to Nuendo (trialing version 6 at the moment, but I’ll likely take the leap when the trial expires), so please excuse the newbie question! I did check the operation manual, which states it should prompt me where I want the files. It doesn’t :confused:

Fredo (the moderator here) recently posted up a workflow you may find useful for this, here’s the link, fifth post.