"Bounce selected audio" will delete variaudio? or?

Hello, I would just like to know if the new “bounce selected audio” function, very helpful by the way to clean up split tracks, will print vari audio tuning, or if all tweaking is lost. 2) Also, should you have your master buss processing off when doing that? Or it is ok as this function perhaps only does that, bounce chopped tracks into a clean comp?

Many thanks!

Master chain should not be bounced (i’m pretty sure, tho i mostly never get anything on my master channel til lthe very end)…
I believe the audio being bounced will be the all flaten, so variaudio will be bounced (i, again, dont use variaudio so much but i use audiowarp alot)…when i bounce a selection being tweak by audiowarp, the bounced results is “warped”…but the “warp points” disapear as they are boucned. So i believe variaudio result will be printed, but the “blobs” will disapear from variaudio window.

BTW when you’re not sure if things are gonna be printed…put some drastic things, like a 100%wet reverb with wild settings on the master channel and see if the bounced wav is reverbed …

then same with variaudio, make some wild pitch changes, and see if the bounced wav stil lget those crazy pitches.

and then if you didnt used a temp file for those tests, hit UNDO a few times till you get the unbounced version :wink:

thats how i test some functions

ON my system yes it does remove all the blobs when bounced. (I find it interesting that if I then re-analyze the bounced audio, the pitching it assigns the second time doesn’t match the pitching that was bounced. I never could explain that, so I simply stopped checking as long as it sounded all right!).

What I used to do is duplicate the track, then “Make Real Copy” to the duplicated track, disable the original track, then bounce the duplicated track. Just so I would always have the edits available to review and edit later if I needed.

Lately I’ve actually just not bounced … kept the VariAudio open and going from that point on in mixing. I guess my projects are not too complex, because even with my less than nuclear-powered computer I’m not running into slow down/crash problems.