Bounce selection and processing

I’m currently using Vari Audio on some vocal tracks and using bounce selection to create new tracks with the corrections, and archiving the original tracks. When monitering tracks in context with the music, I’m applying compression and turning up the gain so the vocal tracks are more out front. After the fact I was concerned that the compresser was applied to the bounce (I dont want it to be, I only wanted the tuning corrections applied). The waves dont look any larger than the original but just wanted to make sure. Are inserts applied to a bounce?

Things applied to bounces are:

  • Pitch changes
  • Offline Processing (that includes time-stretching)
  • Volume changes
  • Fades and voume handles
  • Lane selection (i.e. clip priority if multiple selected)

But I’m not 100% sure which order they’re applied. And, there may be some more… Essentially, it’s anything that is associated with just the clip (or selected clips), and that also means anything before the inserts.