Bounce selection as full BWF with Time code, please!


when exporting a number of events from the same track in the Project Window, the outputted files won’t have any BWF metadata.
Would it be possible to export them with at list Time Reference and Origination Time of the actual exported events?

When exporting Regions of a longer file from the Pool, the exported file will have metadata but the “Origination Time” is 00:00:00:00 and the Time Reference (the actual needed Time code) starting time of the original file.
Is it possible to export these files with the Region Time as Time reference and Origination Time?

Thank you.

The only way I can stamp Time Code into the exported files (apart from writing it by hand) is re-import them into the session in a new track, align them with the original regions and “Update Origin”.
It works but it takes ages.

Exporting as BWF already includes a time stamp. ‘Insert Broadcast Wave Chunk’ has to be enabled.

I think you are referring to the function “File - Export - Audio Mixdown”.
I am referring to the function “Audio - Bounce Selection”.