"Bounce Selection" does not apply inserts...

…or sends or eq, right?

nor automation? just edits and crossfades?

That’s the way it works, it will include Fade Handles and Event Volume Envelopes.

If you want to include EQ, FX, Inserts and Automation then Export/Import.

Maybe it’s the name (bounce) that causes the confusion?

Logic has such a feature, to include all processing during the bounce, unfortunately Cubase does not.

Yes it does. You can select a single track in the “Export” screen and it will do just that over the range of the locators (as was mentioned in the previous post). I use the Bounce function often and DO NOT want any of the inserts, fader gain etc. applied - just the edits on the event(s).

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Yep, these are two quite distinct functions. Bounce is for printing edits and processed events (such as VA, warp), etc, specifically not including any mixer settings. It’s often to relieve strain on the processor. If you want to include mixer channel settings use Export as has been explained.

So, far from being a deficiency of Cubase, it’s an un-do-without-able flexibility.

Would that be to a laser printer or an ink jet printer? :laughing:

thanks. guess i need to be exporting along with bouncing (mainly to try to trick myself in thinking that the bounced event was a single take :laughing: ). i’ve been realtime recording (printing) heavily processed tracks (or group of tracks) to a new track. sound like the export function will save a good bit of time? anyone prefer realtime recording to the export function?

Yup, that’s another good use for it! :laughing:

Do you mean you’ve been going out and back in again? This is not necessary if all the processing is internal so untick the box in the Export dialog (it gets left on if you used it the time before) and it will do the job quicker. If you have external gear as part of what you want to record then Cubase will switch realtime processing on for you (and let you know!). There can be a little more to this - you may have to set up a VSTi for your external gear to loop sound back in. It’s a while since I did it but seem to remember it was pretty straightforward, with a bit of reading up.

P.S. If you need any help on export with external gear I suggest you start a new thread - people who know won’t find it here.

While I am interested in that subject, this is not what I meant. I am talking about creating a new track and assigning it’s input to a group(buss) where the processed track’s output is assigned. soloing the two and hitting record

The result of an export should be identical, as long as you don’t have any fx on your output bus.

I’m sure this is very simple but you’ve lost me there a bit. If you want to create a new track from the output of a group then put the locators around the audio in question and go to Export. In that dialog you can select where you want the output to be taken from (the group) and lower down there are options for whether you want to reimport the result back into the project as a new track. Is that what you’re after? If not can you rephrase what you’re trying to do?

btw: It is common practice to reset faders to 0db to make the most of headroom before exporting.

Hope that helps.

I think he means record the group output on a new track, instead of exporting, by choosing the group output as the input of the new audio track. It can also be done by creating a new (temporary) output buss and allocating the output of tracks to that instead of to a group - the new audio track can take its input from the newly created buss instead of from a group.

One advantage that this method has over exporting is that you can also do it during MIDI recording. This can be good if, for instance, you’re playing a VSTi that has a (deliberate) random element to it, which you’re responding to in some way as you play. By recording the audio during the MIDI recording, you get an audio recording of exactly what you heard as you played, instead of one of the alternatives that can arise from the randomness - whose variability might mean that you can never guarantee to hear again the exact same audio as you heard while recording, even in numerous playbacks.

I think I’d better hand over to you, chase. I’d forgotten you could do this and consequently haven’t played with it. I’ll watch what happens…

Are you saying that FX on the output buss DON’T get printed if you do an offline mixdown?

Do they get printed if you do a realtime export? I thought they did no matter what but that could be kind of cool.

Sorry if this gets confused…
I’m pretty sure that he is referring fx that are on the bus that the track or group channel is routed to (say, the main 2bus). And that must mean that when you assign the input of a new track to a group channel it must intercept that signal between the output of the group channel and its destination bus (say the main bus).
Yeah, a lot of the same words expressing slightly different things. If that makes sense, well, great.

Yes. And until my current project is finished I’m just gonna do it like that and figure out the export option later. And as I just posted, I’m a little unclear, but assume that the audio from the group channel is routed on its way but before it gets to its designated output?

Hi all
My 2c here.
When exporting to write a tracks FX into a new wave I use the channel batch export option. This way I can select only the track I want a new file of without worrying about FX on the master bus being applied.
If you solo a track and export via the master bus it will always print any FX from the master bus to that track. No matter what method you use. It also takes longer to export cause Cubase is still calculating for the entire mix even though only 1 track may be being printed.
Using channel batch export and ticking the tracks you want also let’s you do multiple tracks at once and is very fast.

I think what gets recorded on the new audio track has to be exactly what’s coming out of the group output, including any insert FX. But, of course, if you have EQ or any FX on the mixer’s main fader (eg blanket reverb), they’ll be ignored because you’ll be tapping in to the audio before it gets that far through the mixer. By contrast, exporting will reflect whatever’s happening on the main fader. Also, of course, if you’re using send FX that come up elsewhere in the mixer, they won’t show up in the group output.

Thanks Chase, that’s what I meant to say :slight_smile: