Bounce Selection has timing offset with original warped audio (Solved)

01 import a drumloop
02 use the free warp tool
03 copy track
04 bounce the copied track
05 observe timing offset in different places

Pilot error or bug?

I’m going to bump this a little… If this is a bug (and I think it is) it messes up the timing of your arrangement and you notice it when it is too late… Seems pretty epic, but also pretty quiet around here.

I’ve just checked this at my end (C10, Windows 7 64bit).

I think I see the confusion - when you use free warp on an audio clip, the waveform display doesn’t necessarily reproduce 100% accurately (which I think is kind of understandable given the nature of what the free warp function is doing), but when you bounce the freewarped audio clip it reprocesses the audio waveform display and gives you a more accurate display of the waveform, which consequently looks slightly different to the original clip which is not being perfectly displayed.

Here is how to prove that it is just the waveform display that is inconsistent, not the timing of the audio clip itself - once you have copied and bounced the freewarped audio clip, flip the phase on one track, if there are no timing inconsistencies you will get a perfect null (i.e - silence).

I tested, and it nulled, so not a major issue as far as I’m concerned.

Thanks Joe for checking this!!

Relied too much on the visual aspect of the waveform and did not check with a null test. Still new to Cubase and I like it a lot. Glad that this is not an issue :slight_smile:

Next time, when in doubt I’ll check with a null test.