Bounce selection issue

I tried every way I could think off, but if I select a range in a project with various takes and I want to create one audio file from these various takes, when I do bounce selection and then choose replace, the silence between the different takes / events is stripped and the audio moves in the time line.

How do I preven this from happening ? I glued events, I transformed them into a range,… nothing works ! I just want to do a simple “consolidate” of my tracks, quickly.

Why does this awfully annoying thing nobody wants, happens ? Thanks !

I wonder if you have the grid snap set to shuffle?

Nope, it is on grid…

Possibly has to do with the timebase of the tracks, and/or audio files in Musical Mode

I’ll check. If that’s it then I change modes without noticing :wink:

heh… well I’m just throwing out there some ideas…

It’s not in Musical Mode… What did you mean by the timebase of the tracks ? The project is the original project in which the recordings were made.

see: time base of the tracks

Before rendering, are the Events on simple tracks, or are you using Take Lanes / Comping ? Does the before and after look like this ?

Please post some screenshots so we can see exactly what’s the issue.

It is the same timebase (musical) as other projets where I don’t have the issue…

It is simple tracks on which I have the issue. Other projects I have don’t behave this way. Still did not figure out the difference…