Bounce Selection media not appearing in MediaBay

I recently created a bunch of samples in Cubase Pro 9 using Bounce Selection, and MediaBay cannot find them.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Load long wave file in an audio track in C9
  2. Slice sections of it with the Split tool
  3. Selecting a section with the Object Selection tool.
  4. Choose Audio -> Bounce Selection
  5. Copy the sample from the project’s Audio folder to a sample folder.
  6. Pop open MediaBay to that folder:

=> Other samples appear. Just not ones I created with Bounce Selection.

Restart Cubase. Restart computer (Macbook Pro w/ Mojave). Same result. I have dozens of samples I created like this and would prefer not to reprocess them all. Can MediaBay just recognize them as they are somehow?


Did you let MediaBay to rescan? Right-click to the folder in MediaBay and select Refresh. Or disable and re-enable the tick on the left side of the folder, please.