Bounce selection - new strange behaviour

I’ve been using Cubase for years and I don’t think this has ever been an issue, but I am noticing it now.

I’ve comped a vocal track. I’ve muted stuff (throat clearing between verses, etc.) and faded things in and out (getting rid of exhales at the ends of lines).

I select all of the events on that track and bounce selection.

What seems to me SHOULD happen is that the muted parts are now silent in the newly bounced event, and the fades should be as I set them.

But no… the muted parts are now unmuted, and the fades are gone in the newly created single bounced event.

Is this new behaviour? Or has it always been this way and I’m just crazy?

Or is there a setting somewhere I’m missing?


In Preferences, in your old setup, you may have selected ‘treat muted as deleted’. This may help. I’m not sure on the fades, bouncing a fade here works as expected.

BTW, in your signature you list your gear pretty much? What sometimes can help ppl sort your problems is to know what your OS is, processor speed, memory amount, and the type of connection your interface has to the DAW.


I tried it, it works as expected here on Cubse Pro 10.0.6 and Cubase Elements 10.5.0.

To be clear, I have a Clip with no “compinglanes” below, I Cut it in 3 pieces, mute the one in the middle.
Then I select all of them, do “bounce selection” from the audio menu, and confirm the “replace selected events” (translated from german by me).
The resulting file has silence where the part was muted.

If you have something on the comping lanes, the result may be different depending on the “treat muted audio as deleted” settings mr.roos mentioned.

I hope it helps to find a solution for you, at least here it seems to work the way you remember.


Mr. Roos - Bingo! That was it!

Thank you! And thank you, Dirx, too.

Yes, I should update my sig.