"Bounce Selection" not the same as SX3/C4/C5?

Hey guys,

I use the “Bounce Selection” option all the time to consolidate files and to add bars of silence before/after parts. In SX3, C4, and C5 what I did was pencil in blank regions where I wanted the start/end to be, highlight all the regions on the track, and “bounce selection.” This left me with a continuous waveform that just had silence where the empty sections were but still had my waveform intact - was great for sending other people files, lining up everything at 0, etc…

In C6 when I do this, however, it just bounces each region in place and doesn’t consolidate them. Is there some setting I’m missing, or was this behavior changed in the new version?

I think I recall reading a thread about some weird behaviour like this happening, and it was reported to be a bug that would be fixed in a coming patch.

Someone else should confirm, though.




this isn’t expected behavior

all clips in the selection should be consolidated into a new clip


It will be disappointing if this detail is missed. That link (and that particular fix) posted in the note above by ‘bxsj’, seems to brush over this extra concern…

Ive found using the range tool produces expected results but this issue needs to be looked into