bounce selection problem?

'm trying to bounce a part - as I normally would - by selecting the part & then audio>‘bounce selection’. However - muted events from within the part appear in the resultant bounce! This used to work fine. Been able to check this in Nuendo 6- seeing same behaviour.

What am I missing here - has something changed?!

with thanks.

Mac OSX 10.8.5


Working as expected here (WIn7)

Are you sure you haven’t created a duplicate event hiding behind your muted event,…this would play mute but bounce with the hidden audio.

I raised a thread the other day about muted parts being played when using the Play Tool (the speaker button). Perhaps this is a linked problem? I couldn’t narrow down when it happened though, but I think it’s to do with the comping feature that they put in, and even though it’s turned off I still occasionally get some weird scissor cuts occurring when I haven’t made them, or some parts get muted automatically, or the order of play changes. I guess there’s a few bugettes still in there somewhere that need ironing out. If you could find repeatable procedure, or a project which always exhibits that behaviour we’ll check it out…


Ok - so looking at this again.

Even though events behind muted event are greyed out in the part they are effectively unmated in the bounce even though they are not selected by comp tool to be included in the edit.

Also - the waveform of muted events are displayed in the part when viewing in the main window - which I find rather confusing. It used to be easy to see edits in the main part display in a project.

Same here! Driving me nuts. Am i missing something or this is normal behaviour? I can not imagine why would anyone wanted parts to be unmuted during bounce.

Cubase 8.0.4

Still working as expected here if I run a simple test
I stopped even using parts in real world many years ago so if it’s intermittent I won’t have seen it but testing it in an empty project and cutting some audio then muting some sections, selecting events to part and then bounce selection works exactly as it should.

If you wanted to upload a small test project somewhere with just some short snippets of audio I could try your specific cpr here and confirm if it’s the same…I’m on Windows though and only have 8.5 or 9 installed…you didn’t list your o/s??