Bounced MP3, WAV file lose first transient

Basically whenever I bounce this one particular track which starts with a kick, it loses its initial transient attack but the kick after it and the rest sounds fine.

And the weird thing is the first time I bounced the track no initial transient was lost. Now whenever I bounce this same track i always hear the first kick sounding weak as if cubase or my computer was slow on exporting the first few milliseconds of the track.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Much appreciate it.

Try inserting a blank measure at the start of your song, select the whole project including the first measure and export that.

Thanks for the reply. That definitely works. I forgot to mention I only have Ozone 5 on my master. But I found out a stupid solution.

All I had to do was to make sure that Ozone 5 is appearing on my screen while bouncing… It’s weird and I cant explain it but it works…