Bouncing Arranger Track to Audio

I’m working with the Arranger Track in Cubase 9.I want to bounce an arrangement to audio and I’m using the Export Audio Mixdown feature. This feature uses the cycle in the arrangement to determine for how long time/how many bars the export will take place. But when using repeats in the arrangement the total song length will go BEYOND the right locator, so the export will stop BEFORE the song/arrangement is finished.
Anyone have a solution for this?

It used to work differently in previous versionS, i.e. as you’d expect, but not anymore. Don’t know why they changed it! The only way now is to flatten and then export. You could Undo the flattening after you’ve exported, that’s what I do these days.


Well I found a solution, not so elegant. In the Arranger Editor I find the Song Time and the I set the locators accordingly. This works okay.

Excellent, I’ll bear that one in mind for the future :slight_smile: