Bouncing audio with selected tracks?

Hi, I have a project that is full orchestra + saxes, guitars, accoridan, vocals. I’m finding some strange behavior in the mixer: I don’t see all the players, I can’t mute or solo specific instruments as sometimes others mute/solo as well. This project was born from a large template done originally in Dorico 3.5.

I’d love to be able to to bounce the Note Performer playback of all the strings together, and also other combinations. Would this be possible? I get the feeling that exporting audio doesn’t look at present mixer settings?


Hi. NotePerformer has its own mixer, that is something specific to this specific but great tool. Dorico devs cannot do anything about it…

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Hey Marc,

You’re right ! I hadn’t thought about that. So if I do some solo and muting in the Note Performer mixer, then bounce audio, that should probably work !?

I suppose so !

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If you select (or shift+select, or ctrl+select) the instruments you want to play back, you can audition them that way; also, you can set up an auxiliary score view where you can add & remove instruments dynamically in Setup while working on a score

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