bouncing audio with swing problems

hey board . long time lurker but have an issue and want to know how to solve it.
i like to add swing to my track by doing it in the individual track by going into the midi inserts and finding quantize then adjusting it. but when i bounce the track to an audio track i lose the swing effect . is there any way to make this work after bouncing it into audio?

I’ve had different types of things where they didn’t sound the same when I bounced it.

When I get that I just record it. My interface has a loopback input, that can record the main output of the card.

If you don’t have that you could run the main outs to an input pair and record that, just don’t have the monitor button on or you get feedback.

Hi, and welcome,

This is strange. I just tried it, and it works, as expected, here (Cubase Pro 8.0.20, Mac OS X 10.10). Could you provide more information about your Cubase version, and OS, please?

You could also try the Render In Place, which is better, then use a loopback (mainly if you need to use a D/A->A/D convertors). Or, you can record from Output busses to the Input busses internally, in Cubase.