Bouncing down 5.1

Hi all,

Question regarding mixing down in 5.1. I have a project where the stems are all 6 channel surround stems. My monitoring setup is not 5.1, but I got the stems back from the mixer and client wants a music edit.

I’ve imported the stems into my session, created the mix I want and want to rebounce all the 5.1 stems to all start at the same place and keep their 5.1ness. How do I make sure that the bounces stay as 5.1 bounces. Every mixdown I do seems to create plain old stereo tracks.


To be able to bounce 5.1 you have to set up a 5.1 Output Bus or Group…even if you are not able to monitor it.

(If it is save to remix a 5.1 without being able to monitor it is a other question… :wink: )


Thanks. I did that and it worked.

To your second question. All I needed to do was create a music edit of stems that were already mixed so that at unity they sound exactly the same as the full out, so the monitoring situation wasn’t a concern.