Bouncing Events in Cubase 6

Hi guys…

I’m having trouble with bouncing events in C6. In previous Cubase versions, when I would select two events like I did pictured in the following attachment , then go Audio->Bounce Selection, the two events would be made into one. Now, bouncing does NOT do this. At least, it would not in the selection below. It simply STAYS as two separate events and renames them.
This is a vital function for smooth workflow for projects that require heavy editing and placement of events along the grid. How can I fix this, or is this just an early version glitch?

Regrettably, Cubase 6 will not include the boundaries of a blank event in a “regular” bounce… it will now only bounce actual events. If you wish to include a blank area, select the desired range with the Range tool (and, if the events aren’t precisely on a grid line, use “Snap to Events” while selecting with the Range tool).
You aren’t the first person to complain about this change :wink:.

Ummm… why did they change this?


Yeah I just tried it… the new way definitely works… i just gotta wrap my head around the logistics of it i guess. It makes no sense that they changed it. although, this IS the way Pro Tools does it, sorta.

Ugh. I hate Pro Tools. hahah

I was about to post a topic, but the search function lead me to this thread.

This is got be one of the most ridiculous changes I’ve ever seen in Cubase, and I’m using since VST32.

Where’s the facepalm smiley when I need it?

Anyway, thank you vic_france for posting a workaround!

Hah… no I disagree -

The most ridiculous change took place in the crossover from SX3 to Cubase 4… If you guys recall… Not only was that release horribly QC’d, but remember how they CODED OUT wrapper-support for Direct-X plugin’s? Holy %@#% did THAT one mess my life up. And forced me to spend a boatload of $$ on plugins that I DID NOT NEED because they weren’t Direct-X based. I’ll never forget that one as long as I live. I wasn’t able to move from SX3 to 4 until about a year and a half into the release of 4. hah!

I’m laughing about it now, but at the time I was livid.

Yup, and not a mention of dropping DX before either.

I didn’t really miss the DX stuff - but yeah, C4 was A EFFING MESS before the 4.1 patch.

You could always use Effects Chainer for DX to VST. I used it when they switched and it worked flawlessly.

Sorry I wasn’t here for you then … :unamused:

I tried that… oh, believe me i tried that. hahah It never quite worked as flawlessly for me as it seemed to for other people when I was frantically trying to find a solution back then. SOME plugs it worked for, and then some it cause all kinds of freeze up issues for me. But who knows, could’ve been the system I was on, the plugs I was running, etc…

Whatever, as least all thats overwith. haha