bouncing individual audio edits in project window


I have been away from cubase for a while and just upgraded to c6 and I am having trouble figuring out how to do the following quickly;

I like to do my audio edits in the project browser and with a number of audio files i have manually sliced them in the project window - now i would like to bounce all the edits to individual audio files for additional processing etc. If i highlite all the files then choose bounce selection i get one large file - not what i want. is there a way to do this quickly because I can do it one slice at a time but i have a lot of slices and I was sure i had a method for this in c4 but cannot remember for the life of me nor can i find it in the manual



select -> [right click] ->“Advanced” -> “Events or range as regions” -> Open pool - select created regions -> “bounce selection” -> select folder

ahh, i knew there was a way and I should have remembered - total brain fart!

thanks thinking cap