Bouncing Multiple Versions of a Mix

So, after much tinkling with Direct Outs, I admit, I’m lost.

My goal was to be able to bounce 3 versions of a given mix (with vocals, without, and with just background vocals) so finally, I have figured out one way to do is to put the session into a folder. Copy the folder twice, deleting the lead vocal from one copy, and all vocals from the other.

Set up Cycle Markers for each version, and send those to the Queue.

Works, now I don’t have to baby sit 3 separate bounces.

I do wish I could have figured out the Direct Out way…which I’m told will do the same thing, but I feel like it’s just going way over my head.

Any kind souls that could explain would be much appreciated, but meanwhile, this works.

The absolute easiest would be if Steinberg allowed Mix Snapshots to be added to the queue…


Hi Tom.

Dom Sigalas goes over this in his youtube channel.

If you select the link feature at the top of the screen, you can then select the channels you want to add to export queue, then just make 3 different queue’s with the arrangement parts you have selected.

I hope this helps, I’d definately go checck out Dom’s channel.

Good Luck!

But that sounds like it’s more about stems. I need complete mixes, just without the vocal groups, etc. If the Export dialog allowed you to MUTE certain groups, that would solve it…but thanks I’ll check on YouTube, I enjoy his videos…

Ah I see, my mistake. Yeah sounds like you’re already on the right path then. it’s that or ‘babysit’ I imagine.

How about using group tracks?

Group 1 - all instrumental tracks
Group 2 - group 1 + background vocals

Send group 2 and lead vocals to stereo out.

Then add group1, group2 and stereo out to the queue.

OK wait…so…assign all music tracks too GROUP 1…Then Group 2…how does Group 1 music tracks get to Group 2? Via Send? Or the direct out thing?

Also, this way it looks like Group 1 never gets mix processing which is all on inserts on the Master stereo out…?

you can select the output of group 1 to be group 2, and likewise group 2 can be output to stereo out.

The end result is that all the tracks get routed to stereo out, and they will pass through inserts on the stereo out.

I created a project with a structure like the one you need - I’ve attached a .png of the mixer. The key thing is the ‘routing’ section

Richard…this is awesome! Thanks so much will try this tonight!

Export the midowns from the same project. All you have to do is mute the tracks you don’t want in each seperate mixdown. Simple stuff :slight_smile:

Cookie…you have got to be kidding :wink: I had no idea it would “know” that you had turned a track off and would consider it a new mix…I just tried it …it works. Life is good.

Much thanks and thanks to Richard, that works as well!

I just tried doing this trick that Cookie Jarvis mentioned and it doesn’t seem to work. I add the stereo out to an export cue with no tracks muted, then I mute a few tracks then add that to the cue and both songs have the exact same muting after the mixdown. Am I missing some trick?

Cookie is just talking about the normal, old babysitting manual method. There is no way to automate different export mixdown settings currently.

Yeah too bad, doesn’t work. Maybe eventually we’ll be able to queue Mix Snapshots, at least after they include MUTES in the snapshots…I think I played back the wrong files by mistake, fooled myself. Arggh!

Yep - seems such an obvious thing. While the new export options are an improvement, they’re far from the game-changer that I thought they were going to be.

The good news is I’ve incorporated Richard Townsend’s idea into my template, so I’m set!

Here is a way to do it using Sends. This lets you send any combination of tracks to any group track while keeping the original routing intact to Stereo Out. A nice bonus is that you can adjust the levels of each track using the send level, and choose whether to have each track’s audio sent pre or post fader.

Basically you do the same as above, adding group tracks for each combination of mixdown you want. But in the routing for the group tracks, set it to nothing for both input and output. And in this case don’t touch the routing for the individual tracks. Keep them set as Stereo Out. Then on the individual tracks use the Sends to select the group tracks you want to send the audio to. Be sure to enable each individual Send as you add them, using the button on the upper-left area of each Send to turn it on. They are off by default when you first add them. Post-fader is the default, but you could change it to pre-fader and then use the Send level as a sort of custom mix fader.

I’m having a problem with this (not the SENDS version, the previous setup suggested by Richard.

Both the instrumental and background versions, though routed to the 2mix, are louder than the full vocal version. All are going through the same two mix. How can this be? All instruments is routed to the MUSIC group, which is routed to the BACKGROUND VOC group, which is then routed to the stereo out. Back vocals routed to BACKGROUND VOC group, Lead vocals routed to Stereo Out. So confused.

But Group One if chosen for the MUSIC MIX in the queue never goes through the master. Because it’s assigned to GROUP 2. So it only goes through the master on the BACKGROUND VOX (Group 2) mix in the queue. …?

I’m finding out the hard way that I THINK your way is way to go! It allows everything to go where it should…gonna try tonight. Thanks so much for your help!