Bouncing question.

Hello people, i hope you can help me out here.
(im using Cubase 7 Artist)

On a youtube movie, a person is showing how to bounce by:

Create audio track
Set “Stereo Out” to “No bus”
Then he sets his “Stereo in” To “Stereo out”

So now he has his Input routing on that track to “Stereo Out”
and his output routing to “no bus”

So now when he select this track and hit record he bounces down the sound from the outher tracks that are playing on other tracks to a wave file on the bouncing track

Now the problem here is… i cant put my input routing on a audio track to “Stereo out”
it just doesnt show up in the list to choose wat to put in the input routing.

The guy in the video uses cubase 6.5 and im praying that this isnt an option just for full version users :frowning:

thx in advance!

It sounds like you are referring to “Recording from buses”?

That would be a Cubase 7 (full version) only feature.

would this macro be possible in artist 7 ?

But that still does not allow recording from busses…