Bouncing with inserts

Hi guys,

Whats the easiest way to bounce an audio track, but bounce the inserts in to it.?

I’m using melodyne on an live instrument track because it goes too high for the cubase one, and I want to bounce my changes to the file because otherwise melodyne is a pain… Is there a quick option for doing it rather than setting up a buss blah, blah… audio track… blah blah… input to audio track is the buss… blah.



Export audio into pool and audiotrack
Or do you want to bounce while playing the instrument?

Yea, that’d work too.

It’d just be nice to have a bounce with inserts option…

ie like you can bounce transpose and timing changes.


You can also route the audio track to a Group Track. Then use this group track as an input on a new audio track and record it. Realtime only - but I often find this easier than bouncing/importing.


Hey Mr. 9 Volt Andre - I know I’m missing something important, because I can’t think of anything physically easier than hitting alt-B on my keyboard to bounce.

What part of bouncing are you referring to that is harder than setting up a Grp track and recording? The keeping track of which pieces go in the pool by under which name? I know that is something I just pretend I don’t notice, that I’m pretty clueless about how to identify a bounced vs a “replaced” original in the pool.

Thanks for your perspective!

He is refering to [the missing feature of] ‘bounce in place’, on which there is a huge topic elsewhere on the forum… Recording the output of a group channel realtime is one way of getting around that besides the tedious file>export route.

hi Alexis,

I was referring to the export function (not bouncing) - but you’re right - I didn’t notice the “import to pool / audiotrack” checkboxes in the export window before, which actually make it quite easy to export/import audio tracks.