bowed piano's - soniccouture or tonehammer

I’m quite interested in a nice bowed piano library.

Currently the Sonic Couture Bowed piano is on sale for approx £28, but I’m also looking at the tonehammer Bowed Grand Piano for $79.

any opinions on quality and range of use/tone/expression, obviously in relation to price…

Bowed Piano has been upgraded to Xtended Piano which includes all the Bowed Package
plus Plucked, Mallet and Mute. If you buy Bowed Piano for £28 you may upgrade to
Xtended with £22 discount off the £90(ish) which means another £65. This totals what,
£93 which is the same as if you’ve bought Xtended Piano in the first place, at full price.
I’m not familiar with Tonehammer’s Bowed Piano, apart from the demos at their site but
I suppose that since they released it long after Soniccouture’s Bowed Piano, it must be
packed with the usual competitive Tonehammer hyperbole (merely judging from the Kontakt
Patches count, 47 vs 2 of Soniccouture. I know this isn’t really helpful but I wish i’ d have bought
the SC Bowed Piano for 28 quid.