Bowed Thundersheet

My VSL Synchron Special Editions have a great bowed thundersheet I’d like to add to a piece. I am not sure how to do that in Dorico.

  • It is not a selection in NotePerformer Playback Engine.
  • I do not see a way to import that sound as a wav file.
  • When I added Thundersheet in setup, it did not make a sound. I did not see how to map that staff to VSL and select the right note.

For now, I will just indicate it on the score and add the sound in my DAW.

Any thoughts om how to do this in Dorico? It is a strange one-off situation, but the technique may be needed for other things.


Once you’ve applied your favorite playback template, nothing prevents uou from doing some manual routing! Note that this will be considered an override to the playback template, so Dorico won’t be updating the play configuration if you were to add some new instruments… Keep that for the end :wink:
Add your VSL vsti to your rack, select the appropriate instrument (percussion ?), give it its expression map (vsl does provide them :pray:) and then, in Routing, route your notated bowed thunderstorm sheet to that virtual instrument. It’s faster to do it than explain it ^^


Thank you for detailing these steps! Although I don’t know how to do some of them, no doubt they are in the manual (or can be kearned by trial and error).

I really appreciate of your help because I have a large collection of virtual instruments and will doubtless use this often–for example, for Synthogy’s Ivory Grands.

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