Box around text

I have make a new paragraph style for my chorus / verse / intro. Where can I set a box (frame) about the text?

I’m afraid you can’t, at the moment — not as a Paragraph Style. I’ve brought this up just a few days ago. I’m afraid the only way to get boxed text right now (unless I’m missing something big) is to have it on a text frame. If you’re dealing with lyrics in your case, I have to wish you godspeed, because it will be harsh…

Correct - at the moment the only box text option is by adding a border to a text frame, sorry.

Has this been changed in 1.2? I couldn’t find it, and I would like to mark canon entries/cue with 1., 2., 3. etc. But they should have a circle around themselves, see attachment which I created with Sibelius.
Thanks a lot, Axel

This doesn’t solve the OP’s request, but for a number/circle, one can always use the string indications, under Playing Techniques>Guitar.

If you aren’t using rehearsal marks elsewhere in the piece, you can use them for this. There’s an option in engraving options to switch from boxes to circles, and you can adjust size etc. too.

Can anybody point me to boxing system text in 2.0?

There is a property now where you can switch on the box. Select the text open properties and select the option.

Hello ReRei,

Thanks for your quick reply!

Text open properties?

Do you mean the text properties when I double click on the text item? It shows everything, but nothing related to boxing…

Sorry no I mean when you open command-8 (at least on Mac). The properties panel below where all the other properties are found.

Got you!

Thank you! It didn’t know the shortcut either, so – excellent! :smiley:

Your welcome. :slight_smile:

Dear Eddo,
You might earn a lot of time and ease of work with learning the shortcuts (cmd 6 to 0 to show/hide different panels)
In Write mode, alt-cmd-1 is page view and alt-cmd-2 galley view (very useful too)
Hope it helps !

Salut Marc,

En fait, I was tout à fait aware of cmd-1-5 and 0, but not of 6 to 8.
Very useful indeed!

And since I have you on the line - Edit: It should rather read “What’s the unicode id of” [how do you type] the semi-blank on a French keyboard used before semi-colons, exclamation- and question marks? :wink:
I’d very much like to include that on my German keyboard, because I’m writing in French to quite some friends of mine (of whom not all are French though).