Box contents into Upgrade to CB6 from CB5

I would like to upgrade to CB6 from CB5 EDU and so, I’ve 2 questions:
1- what’s there into the CB6 box, expecially, is there the HSO II 64 bit’s 2 DVDs, like in the CB6 complete?
2- no problem to upgrade to CB6 even if I come from an EDU CB5 version?
Thanks and a good 2012!

Upgrade’s a full edition minus the Dongle. No issues on the education version.

Thank you so much.
I’m going to purchase …
Grazie molte !!!

one more last thing: with EdU I’ve limitations abot commercial use of CB.
If I update to CB6 as you say I loose this limitation? It’s no longer considered an educational version?
Thanks again


Yes. The EDU license will be changed in a retail license during the upgrade.



What retail means?

Think of it as a different “edition” of Cubase. (Similar to Windows “Home Edition” and Windows “Professional”.)

In your case, it means that any education restrictions will no longer apply to you.