Box order shipping confirmation?

I might be in the minority, but I ordered the boxed version.

Anyone who did likewise get a shipping confirmation? My order still shows as pending, even though the PayPal payment was processed. Customer service is looking into it.

Anyone know where it ships from in the USA? Maybe Daniel will get an update out before I can get it installed and registered.

I will ask our web store manager what the situation is with boxed copies shipping in the US. I’m afraid off the top of my head I don’t know the answer.

Customer Service says these boxes are yet to arrive in the warehouse, expected to be this week.

Hi Daniel:

I ordered the box as well, from Sweetwater, this morning. Latest information as to ETA I have is Randy Akins at Sweetwater telling me on Friday that the boxes were expected on November 1 (earlier ETA was November 11).


Shipping confirmation today sent out from CA. Will arrive via UPS by Friday!

I also ordered the boxed Dorico from Sweetwater yesterday, after reading Peter Roos’ original post in the other thread. Randy Akins told me yesterday afternoon that the expected arrival at Sweetwater (before they ship to customers) will be 2 November.

For details of my order for Dorico in the box, see:

I paid $279.99 for a crossgrade from Finale (also available for full versions of Sibelius and Notion). The $279.99 was the final total - everything included, no extra cost for tax, handling, or shipping.

The boxed Dorico includes two DVDs, a Getting Started pamphlet, and a Steinberg eLicenser (also called a “Steinberg Key”). Unless you simply cannot wait, this boxed offer seems to me to be the best choice if you are in the US and live outside Indiana. It is essentially the same price as the download version from Steinberg, but you get the DVDs and e-licenser. Even if you don’t need them now, the DVDs may offer proof for upgrades (or dare I say it, crossgrades) and the eLicenser may prove useful in the future, even if you plan to run Dorico on a single computer now. I recommend the boxed set from Sweetwater unless you cannot wait, or you find another source at a better price.

(Yes, I recognize that many computers do not have DVD drives, and the DVD will be obsolete as soon as a Dorico update is released. It is the eLicenser that provides the real added value when you buy the boxed package, of course.)