Boxed Cubase Artist -> Free upgrade to Cubase Pro?


I’m interested in either Cubase or Nuendo. I’m thinking to upgrade from Cubase AI to Cubase Pro, however couldn’t find any edongle stock due to Covid situation.

If I buy Boxed Cubase Artist v9 or v10 from Retailer, would I get free upgrade to Cubase Pro?

Thank you.

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If you activate it latest july 28th - yes

And assuming that you buy the full Artist version, not the upgrade from AI to Artist.

thanks a lot!

thanks a lot!

Does the boxed version of Cubase Artist 10.5 definitely include the USB dongle? I can buy that from a retailer for about £20 less than buying Artist 10.5 and the dongle from Steinberg’s website but if the box doesn’t include the dongle and I have to buy that separately, it will work out slightly more expensive.

Instead of asking here, you should ask the retailer, he is the only one who can give you a reliable answer. :unamused: Usually a USB key is not included.