Boxed or online?

Hi, What is the difference between buying Cubase, the boxed version (through a reseller) or buying it directly on the Steinberg website?
Is there any difference? Perhaps with included updates???

No difference. The license is the license and there’s only one kind of purchasable license chez Steinberg.

For Cubase 12, I don’t think you even get anything in the box aside from a download access code.

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Strange… the boxed version is cheaper!

If you’re comparing the price in the Steinberg shop with 3rd party store (ie, any other store), it’s common for retailers to offer a lower price.

Ok, since they are the same, I’ll go for the cheaper option (boxed).
Now I’m wondering if I shall go for V11 or v12, since a free upgrade to v12 is given for v11 customers.
With the v11 box, I’ll get the 2 versions for the same price.
Also I’ll be getting the dongle on the v11 box.
Am I missing something? Do you agree with my option?

Yes, You have completely understood. Buy 11.

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Thanks a lot!

I’m not sure you’ll get v11. You’re going to get a download access code in the box for your license registration. When you enter that code the system normally gives you a license for the latest version, which is going to be a new license for 12 in the Steinberg Activation Manager. AFAIK all of Steinberg’s stuff does this.

True – I might be mistaken about this. Anyway, @Red_Painter has nothing to lose either way.