Boxed system text

hi there,
I’m making an orchestral score and using boxed Command-Shift-X system text to add rehearsal sections (V1, C1, Intro, etc.). I’ve selected “Border” to the system text but am noticing that the border only appears above the strings, not at the top of the score.

What can I do?

thank you!

Have you definitely input system text, not staff text? System text is Shift-Alt/Opt-X, and when you select it, the status bar in the bottom left should read “System-attached text”.

yes, I am!
It does indeed say that, and the Border is displayed throughout all of the parts – but in the score it only shows atop the strings, not atop the flutes (atop the score).

Are your flute staves condensed? If so, you may need to switch to Engrave mode, grab the System Text item and turn the Boxed property on again. In simple terms, the condensed stave you see in the score is not the same as the uncondensed stave you see in the part (or even in the same score but with condensing turned off). As such, items belonging to those staves have separate properties to the items that belong to the uncondensed staves.

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ah cool - thank you, Leo - indeed they are condensed.
Is there a chance I can select all and filter for system text? I’ve got 200 pages of this stuff… thank you!

You can’t filter in Engrave mode, but you can select one item of System Text and then type Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-A repeatedly to Select More. The first instance will select all the System Text items in that bar, the second instance will select all the System Text items on that system, the third instance will select all the System Text items in that Flow.


That’s great, Leo, thank you. Shall we call this a feature or a bug? :slight_smile:

I trust that the development team have seen enough threads like this one that they’ll consider making it easier to propagate properties from uncondensed staves to condensed staves in future. If they haven’t, I trust that @Lillie_Harris will get onto the office chat and bring this thread to their attention :wink:

Checking up on the clarity of properties on uncondensed/condensed staves is indeed already on my list :slight_smile: