Boxed Text in front of Staves?

Hi, I want to rewrite the following sib-file into Dorico 4.1.10.
How do I input the boxed text (mode, wich text?) and get it in front of each stave (see example attached)?
Thanks for your help

There’s not a built-in feature for positioning boxed text to the left of the system. Probably your best bet is to disable staff labels on the Players page of Layout Options, then manually indent the system using the note spacing tools in Engrave mode, and add your boxed text using Shift+X text that you then position manually to the left of the system. Be sure to switch off the Avoid collisions property to remove the impact that the text items would otherwise have on vertical spacing.

First: Thank you very much for your quick help and time on a sunday!!

Do you mean with the blue note frames?

Sorry, but where do I find this?

Yes, indeed, you can indent the system using the large handles at the edge of the system. Details here:

The Avoid collisions property can be found in the Properties panel in the lower zone when you have a text item selected in Engrave mode.