Boxed text padding, having to adjust the right end with a lot of fonts


I’m having an issue with the boxes around text. With a lot of fonts, the padding at the right end of the box is not as big as at the left hand end (see pic), which means you have to manually adjust it in engrave mode. Am I missing a setting somewhere in Engraving options to set this globally?


text box|355x500

I don’t think I can put this more clearly than Daniel did, just a few days back.


I’m obviously being an idiot, but I don’t see anywhere in the paragraph styles dialogue box to add a border here. I think I’ve asked this question in the past, it seems you can only add it from the properties panel once you’ve created the text…

I have paragraph styles already defined for the types of text that I want to have borders but I can’t see an option in here that allows me to add a border automatically to that paragraph style…

Hopefully, I’m not being an idiot…

Cheers for the answer so far.


What version of Dorico do you have?


Mine looks like this:

Mine looks like the pic I posted…

I’m in Dorico 3.5 on PC…


Update to 3.5.11 then - it’s free!
The ability to deal with borders in Paragraph Styles was added to 3.5.10/11.

(See for other stuff you’re missing out on.)


I thought I’d checked for updates recently. I didn’t think I was going mad…



That’s the puppy!

Thanks guys!

I did notice a weird behaviour though, if you set a background colour (to mask stuff underneath the text) it covers some, but not all of, the border too, but not entirely, leading to much head-scratching here as to why the border thickness was uneven…

Anyway, thanks for the help.


Just an update to this, I was looking at a pdf of an old chart produced in Dorico 2.2 and the borders around the text boxes were fine…
Dorico 2-2

The exact same text box opened in 3.5…
Dorico 3-5

Just so the developers can have a look.

The solution given by @pianoleo works perfectly in 3.5 though, just wanted to point out that Dorico wasn’t doing this in previous versions.



For various reasons I keep a version of Dorico 2.2 running on this machine.
This is what I get if I try enabling a border on a text box.

Are you sure you hadn’t manually fiddled with the borders in 2.2 before exporting the PDF?

edit: let me check Minion - Arial seems to be fine in both versions…

Minion Pro Bold Condensed gives me these results with the same file:

I can’t see any difference. What font are you actually using for your bordered text, though? It’s clearly not Minion Bold Condensed.

Sorry, been away from the computer for a few days…

It’s Arial I’ve been using for the boxed text.

As far as fiddling with the text boxes in version 2.2, I’m pretty sure I didn’t because I only found out about the background padding settings in 3.5…

Cheers as always for the answers though.