Boy Friend- Vocals and Keys

This was written with a friend who was in town for two days (first person I ever performed with on a large stage when i was 12). Hadn’t seen her 10 years and when she came by this is what we got. I really like the tune but Bobbie really wants to re-due vocal, I hope she makes it back to Nashville to due so. :slight_smile: Please share your comments so I can get this right. I sort of was thinking in realm of Joni-Letters/Herbie-Hancock.

What does she not like about it?

My only comment other than I love it, would be to dry her voice out just a little, I hear both delay and verb, which seem to separate her from the rest of the “space” a little too much, I appreciate the silkiness that those fx can bring all the same! I listened on cans, not had a chance to hear in my studio yet.

Great stuff.

Very nice . The singer is probably aware of little things she could improve, not much to me other than minor timing of a few words that I heard on 1st listen.

This warrants a 2nd listen

Here in Nashville it was allergy season when we recorded. So the sinus thing was bad for Bobbie. I thought it was good myself but also thought maybe some phrasing might be fixed. Sometimes though I think to much lol. I did use the delay and verb as I did want a silk sound but might have over did. If you listen on studio monitor let me know if you hear same thing you’re suggestion is a good one! Thanks

[Personal taste disclaimer]
It’s a bit too jazz.
[/Personal taste disclaimer]


There’s a definite intimacy to the vocal … maybes just a wee bit too much. It’s a bit breathy and sibilent … which is exacerbated by the delay/reverb. [There are a few lip smacks in there too]

Definitely worth persevering with, there’s a fair bit you could do with out a re-record. [There are plenty here who are much more capable of explaining these things that I am]

And don’t wait another 10 years before getting her back in front of a mic!

But hey: what do I know?


I can see why she wants to redo it.
Where it’s good it’s v e r y good!
And where it’s not as good it really sticks out.
If she thinks she can keep the overall performance closer to the good parts, she just have to try again!!! :sunglasses:
I think it can be close to spectacular but don’t tell her until it’s done haha!

Good singer, good song, like it :smiley:

Maybe a little less reverb/delay and shorten it in time, makes the song even stronger i think.

Wow! Sweeeet! I LOVE her voice.
Yeah, I’d lessen the verb and keep the delay - but that’s just my preference.
I’m not crazy about the transition at 2:12 and the lead in piano run at the end of it- it’s not as silky smooth as everything else is.

Have you heard our local sax prodigy, Wim/hornforhire ? Maybe it’s a bit presumptuous of me, :slight_smile: but I think
he’d be just the ticket on this tune to help bring it to the next level.


Lenny, Just listened to him great stuff…I have a few guys here that I usually use. I will drop a recording so you can here one of the guys I use. Is there a way to PM you here I’m new in the forum, but would like to drop you some contact info so we communicate the old fashion way (talk lol)

If you’re logged in you should see the little pm icon to the right under my avatar.

Got some real nice songs and mix’s here, Kenny!
Suprised by your mastering question as these are sounding pretty good in my cans! :wink:


Thanks, but I am here to learn and when I hear something that sounds great to me I need to ask lol.