Brace placement in new Smufl design

I am wondering why my brace doesn’t centre quite right. The glyph height is exactly 1em with the centre at 500, but it seems to be shifted upward slightly. I don’t believe there are any anchor points required? perhaps the Font/Smufl experts could help!

There are of course several different braces in use (most of them at U+F400 onwards), so make sure you’re working on the one that’s actually being used!

Good point to check, but it is just the standard Brace at U+E000. I can see where Dorico changes to one of the others when the staves are farther apart (Bravura, since I haven’t worked on the flatter ones yet). I even tried replacing all the braces in the U+F400–403 range with the same just to be sure, but they all have the same positioning offset.

If you want to send the font and its metadata file to me, I can take a look and see if I can figure out what might be going on.

This is probably typically the sort of niche comment one might find in orthodontist support groups, but… those are some nice braces!


It’s very simple to cure, just make sure that your brace(s) has the same height as the Bravura brace(s) and same width too. Is that your own SMuFL font? Also, make sure that all your braces are set to the baseline x=0.

You may want to re-generate the JSON file. (optional)

Thanks Daniel, was about to send over, but after a bit of fiddling around just on the design and after regenerating the metadata a few times it suddenly centred perfectly fine – so not sure what the issue was. Maybe some cache thing…

That’s the approach I was using! Suddenly it started working fine, so I imagine it was something with the JSON file. And yes, my own font in a way – I am experimenting with creating a font based on Emmentaler, redesigning glyphs that have “issues” along the way (of which there are many, if you ask me). But it also has many admirable qualities, so I think worthwhile.