Braces colliding with instrument names

Hi, I spent some time searching for a solution, and I’m sure it is right in front of me. So apologies and thanks for reading.

In the attached project, I have selected Engrave options > Brackets and braces > Approach > Ensemble type: Orchestral (although the ensemble is rather small).

Outside the bracket for brass, the three horns and the three trombones have a sub-brace outside each. The horn brace is the problem.

When all three horns are present in the full score layout, the sub-brace of course includes all three as expected.

The short name for the horns is set to Cor. The number 2, for second horn, collides with the brace.

I tried to fiddle with Engrave options > Brackets and braces > Design > Sub-brackets > Sub-bracket design: Brace distance from bracket, but the program ignores the changes (the Apply button fades after half a second and no change is made). I also tried Brace distance from the systemic barline. No response.

I couldn’t find an option to increase the instrument names distance from the brace. In engrave mode, I can select the brace, but not move it, neither with the mouse pointer nor in the Properties panel. The instrument names can’t be selected, so they are fixed.

Thanks for reading.
Casta (665 KB)

You can increase the distance in Engraving Options/Staff Labels.