Braces in choral music with vocal soloists

The standard format for vocal soloists in a choral score, or in an orchestral score, oratorio, opera etc. is for the vocal soloists to have no brace or bracket. That does not seem to be possible unless anyone knows a workaround. I have grouped my soloists but they still have a brace where they should have none. I noted a post in 2016 with the same request. Is this in the pipeline?

You can bracket however you like, using the bracketing tool in the left panel of Engrave mode. See for details.

Excellent, thank you. I was trying to sort it out in Setup and Engraving options. Still worth adding that there are no options for choral music in Engraving options.

If you group together your choir in Setup mode, and leave the soloists out, Dorico will automatically bracket the choir/chorus and not bracket the soloists (with the bog standard “Orchestral” bracketing option).