Bracket change doesn't automatically reposition System Objects

I wish to have system objects above the vocal staves. Unfortunately, I almost always have a single “Lead Vocal” stave at the top which is bracket-less by default. Therefore, I always have a bracket on this single stave so that it is the top bracketed vocal stave and displays system objects above.

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This creates a Bracket and Barline Change. If I then need to add or remove instruments from my score, very often the bracketing of other sections is altered and so I need to delete the Bracket and Barline Change. This means I now have to re-add the previously mentioned vocal bracket.

The issue is:

When I re-add the bracket on the vocal stave, system objects do not move above immediately.

  • If there are rehearsal marks, I need to re-add a rehearsal mark at the first location and then all of a sudden the remaining rehearsal marks jump up.
  • Sometimes this doesn’t even happen for all rehearsal marks and I need to scroll through the project and Shift+A wherever necessary (as per the attached project).
  • The same applies to tempo marks. Reseting the appearance seems to sort out the tempo marks but not the rehearsal marks.
  • When I was testing the attached demo project I hit “undo” to try and go back and forth. The system objects stayed where they were, as if they were there all along. I had to close and reopen the project to reproduce.
  • Sometimes when I’ve bracketed the layout how I desire, I realise that Condensing was switched on and then need to redo the whole thing again with it turned off.

The issue is not just happening in this project - its just that currently I’ve got a bunch of charts that need a slightly different orchestration and so it’s annoying me enough that I want to post.

Demo Project.dorico (1.9 MB)

I think this is a matter of Dorico just not updating the display for that action. When I add the bracket, Save, and close & reopen the file, the RMs show correctly.

It’s interesting that saving and reopening solved it. I hadn’t thought of trying this. I suppose that I’ll just have to do that and double-check. It’s certainly easier than scrolling through etc