bracket change - two thoughts

I have set up a brass ensemble:


After the bracket changes the 2nd player (Flügelhorn) of the 4th trumpet is not included in the bracket in galley view. Probably because there is no music for the Flügelhorn and is therefore invisible in engrave mode.

This is not a big deal, but it would be easier for visual orientation, if all instruments of one player would be bracketed together in galley view.

And a FR:
The pieces I am working on right now, has got 6 movements and I must repeat the bracket change for all 6 movements. I want to ask either for a global way of changing the bracketing for all movements at ones or a possibility to copy the bracketing by selecting and copying the signpost. There could be a warning, if the place, where I want to insert the change, doesn’t match the original instrumentation.