Bracket naming - Choir

Hello all! It’s been a while!

I’d like to do something like this, if possible, with “Chorus” named vertically alongside the staff labels.

Currently I have 4 section players (with condense turned on for SA and TB), like so:

How would I approach this?

Thank you all!

Pop those singers in a player group, rename the player group, and show player group labels.

If you just want the name and no bracket:

Thank you for your reply! Any way to make the name closer to the actual staff labels?


I believe the player group label can only get as close as the longest staff label.

Lillie, I’m trying to have a player group show for my percussion.
I have two issues:

What I’m getting from the user manual is that there’s no abbreviated name, unless the bracket is shorter than the player group name?

I’m curious why this is so.

it would be useful to have the ability to have a “full name” on the first page, and then an abbreviated name for subsequent systems. For example, in my case, I’d like “three players” to appear on the 1st page, but simply “perc.” to show on subsequent pages.

I notice that the player group name is not centering in the bracket when the bracket is a different length elsewhere in the score. Is there an adjustment somewhere for this?

Ah. Yeah, that seems to be the case. It’s a pity! Maybe I’ll do it in illustrator or something. Thanks!