Bracket not showing for string ensemble using 'Add Ensemble'

I wonder if this is just a Windows version of Dorico issue? When I added woodwinds, brass, and percussion, the ‘Add Ensemble’ feature had no problem adding a bracket… but, when I typed ‘string ensemble’ in the Shift-E text box, it adds the instruments but with no bracket…

It’s easy enough to fix in the Engrave mode, but I don’t want to add the bracket that way… if the add ensemble should do it. I also tried entering the instrument names with commas and it didn’t add the bracket that way either (for strings only).

I’m using:
Windows 11
Dorico 5 Professional

I would suggest deleting the bracket change you’ve created in Engrave mode (by way of its signpost) and then checking the settings on the Brackets and Braces page of Layout Options.

Hi Daniel, this was a brand new empty project. I was setting up everything for the first time. So there should not have been any settings messed up.


Depending on which project template you started from, different default settings will be in force. Did you try following my advice?

I did, but for some reason the bracket didn’t go away when I deleted the signpost. But, regardless the bracket is there now, so I’m good. Thanks.