Bracket Violin I and II sections when switching between Divisi and Unison

When going back and forth divisi and tutti on Violins I and II, Dorico ends up bracketing Violin II 's top divisi part with Violin I. Why does this happen and is there a way to fix it? (other than manually editing it on every page with Engrave mode)

When I have a bracket I don’t want, I adjust it where it first appears (before condensing). Usually the changes I make carry over to subsequent systems unless I manually change them in Engrave.

Have you got a manual bracket/barline change in this project?

Hi Daniel, I dont have any manual changes for string section. This problem gets introduced in the middle of the project as we keep switching back and forth unison and divisi. Manually re bracketing at the first sign of issue fixes it at all places hence forth. It might be a bug that needs to be looked at

If you have any manual bracket/barline changes at all, for any staves in this flow, they might end up impacting on the strings, because bracket/barline overrides are calculated based on the staves visible at the position of the override/signpost.