Bracket won't snap into place

After doing some editing on divisi in the first violins on this page in the screen shot, the bracket for the strings changed, failing to embrace the top violin line. I try to fix it by dragging the handle, but it keeps snapping back. I also tried deleting it and inputting a new one, but it behaved the same way.

I also notice that the Properties panel has nothing in it when it comes to these brackets and sub-brackets. Perhaps eventually we might be able to control the brackets from there, e.g. be able to indicate which and how many staves a bracket covers, and being able to change their width and position relative to the barline?

Have you tried deleting the brown bracket/barline change signpost on this page and trying to set up brackets etc again afterwards?

That did the trick! Thanks!

This also worked for me. However, when trying to extend a bracket between different staves (two piano single-staff staves), the woodwinds bracketing ended being scrambled again.

I could solve this by selecting objects in the staves to be joined, and clicking on the bracket tool. This had no adversed consequences on the woodwinds.