Bracketed Notes - Suppress playback 2nd time repeat

First off I am not entirely sure that I have correctly labelled this topic. If I explain I am sure someone will tell me. Basically I am writing a song with 2 lines of lyrics on the staff with a minor variation at the end. The first play through has a single extra note at the end, which I would like to not play the second time through. As I would prefer not to have this passage written out twice I thought that brackets around the note would be the answer. I see that I can suppress the note but I can’t see an option for suppressing the same note the 2nd time through. Can I do this, am I approaching it the right way? Do I need to give in and just write the whole thing out twice?
Any help would be most gratefully received. Kind regards Richard

Unfortunately Dorico currently has no way to play repeated music differently the second time. It’s been often requested, and I would guess it‘s a higher priority for development than many other requests, but we won’t know when it will happen until they announce it as a new feature.

Thank you Mark for your reply. If it’s something that Dorico can’t currently do and this was the right approach then I can just move on. I will just export the song and remove the note later. Thank you kindly again Richard

What if you used first and second endings like this?


Hi John. Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately I am already using repeat endings in my song. My second verse in the second bar has one lyric (note) removed, which isn’t a major problem by its self. I can use brackets in the notation and just remove later. Hopefully Dorico will add this functionality at some point. It sounds as if other users have also requested this feature before. Richard

If the score appearance is more the issue than playback, there are other ways to handle differences between verses. You could write a note cue size, or in parentheses, when it doesn’t apply to both times.

(My first reply may have been hasty, thinking it was 2nd-time playback you were after.)

Hi Mark, Yes I can sort that out in post when I export. I have placed a parenthesis (Bracket) around the note & lyric in question to denote that it should not to played the second time around. when there isn’t a lyric. If I understand you correctly I could also use a different size note (smaller?) to mark the the same thing. It’s all a learning curve. Thanks again for your help.