Bracketing changes from page to page

I’m having issues where brackets are not consistent from page to page. For example, I’ve got bassoon on divisi staves at the beginning of the piece and there’s a bracket on the two staves on the first page, but not the rest of the pages. I have the opposite problem with the trombones, which are also divisi, but the bracket doesn’t show up on those staves until the second page.


Have you created any bracketing changes in Engrave mode? Have a look for any signposts that might suggest what’s going on. If you’re still having problems and need some further help, please attach the project here so we can take a look.

So when I delete my changes, everything’s back, but now I’m having trouble adding brackets to other staves. For instance, I can’t add a bracket to the euphonium and tuba staves. Also, some divisi staves are bracketed and some aren’t. Does it have something to do with the divisi starting mid-system? I’m attaching the file, and you can see examples of what I’m talking about on the first few pages (look at trumpets, for example). (817 KB)

As an example in that file, when I delete all changes, the trumpet bracket shows up. As soon as I drag the clarinet bracket down to include bass clarinet, the trumpet bracket disappears.

During the drag operation, you will see other brackets at the same level disappear, but they’ll reappear when you release the mouse button. You can also select the handle at the top or bottom of a bracket and use Alt+up/down arrow to extend or retract the bracket in that direction. There is something a bit funny about the Tuba/Euphonium sub-bracket, but if you move the existing Trumpet 1/2/3 sub-bracket down to enclose the Tuba, then move the top down from Trumpet 1 to Euphonium, you can then re-create the sub-bracket on the Trumpet 1/2/3 staves with no problem.

Thanks for your help. I’ve been able to work around some of the issues, but I’m having to re-create the same brackets on multiple pages (but weirdly not every page). Is there a reason why I should have to do that?

When the staves change over time thanks to divisi, extra staves for instruments, and so on, particularly with staves at the edges of bracket or sub-bracket groups, then you do need to create fresh changes at the beginnings of the systems where they change. There’s no way around this, because those extra staves don’t exist at the point at which you create the initial change (Dorico is not like Finale or Sibelius, where staves have to exist for the entire duration of the flow; this is one of the things that makes staff management much more powerful in Dorico, but it doesn’t come without some trade-offs, of course).

Okay, one of them was glitchy but it’s fine now. I created a brace on the percussion staves at the bottom that disappeared randomly on page 4 (those staves don’t come and go like the others). I re-created it there, then deleted the signpost on that page and it stayed. I think it’s all straightened out now. Thanks for all your help!