Bracketing noteheads for a PHRASE

I’m sure the new bracketing feature at 3.1 has many uses for many people using Dorico. Unfortunately, the case that I find most common doesn’t seem to be covered. That is, putting parentheses around an entire phrase. This is quite common on fake sheets, particularly to indicate pick-ups when returning to a second repetition of the head, for example:

And while we’re at it, it would be nice to be able to parenthesize optional chords. Again, this is quite common in fake sheets, especially at the end of a chorus. The parenthesized chords indicate a turn-around to go pack to the chorus pattern. Otherwise the song ends without a turn-around.

Are either of these cases possible at 3.1, or contemplated for a future revision?


Neither of those use cases is currently supported, nor indeed were they ever in scope for the Dorico 3.1 release. But they are certainly requirements that we need to address in future.