Bracketing randomly changes midway through flow

I have a 1 flow work and set the brackets as desired on page 1. One page 4, the brackets unexpectedly changed to one large bracket for all non-percussion instruments. What would cause this to happen and how do I fix it?

Turn on all Signposts. Are there further Bracket and Barline signposts?

I noticed this same behavior.

You must have at least one explicit change of bracketing and bracing in this layout. You’ll encounter this kind of situation when the staves at the top or bottom of an explicit bracket don’t appear on a system, e.g. because of condensing. The span of brackets and braces is tied explicitly to particular staves, and condensed staves are not the same as the staves for the individual, non-condensed instruments. The long and the short of it is that you may have to create further bracketing changes on systems where different staves are shown.

In my case, there were 2 bracket signpost in there I didn’t know about on page 3. Deleted them and back in business.