Brackets and Braces—Crash/Bug

I have come across a bug that causes Dorico to crash that I can reproduce reliably.

  1. Start a new empty project
  2. Add any instrument(s)
  3. Under Layout OptionsBrackets and BracesEnsemble type: select Wind band
  4. Dorico crashes

Alternatively, swap steps 2 and 3 and Dorico will still crash.

The rest of the options for ensemble type seem to work fine, and its only Wind band that I have noticed crashing.

Yes, we’re aware of this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience – it will be fixed in the next update. You should find that provided you have at least two instruments, you can use the ‘Wind band’ bracketing approach, but it will cause a crash in layouts with a single instrument.

For me, it’s crashing regardless of how many instruments instruments are in the layout. I can attach a minimal project or crash log if that helps. I rarely use the wind band approach so it’s not a big deal right now.

No, it’s fine, the problem is already fixed in our internal builds.